Bristol Ultimate

Bristol Ultimate comprises of 4 teams who train alongside each other to play ultimate frisbee at national and international level: Bristol Women, Bristol Open (men), Bristol Mixed and North Bristol Ultimate.

We welcome players of all abilities that want to play competitive or recreational ultimate in Bristol. As a club we pride ourselves in developing individual and team skills through regular training sessions. Please have a look at our team pages and if you are interested in training and/or playing with us then please get in touch.



Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays; times vary

During the winter, Bristol Ultimate's teams hold weekly training sessions. The main Tuesday sessions at in Hartcliffe with other sessions at various locations. Check the "trainings" page for details.

Bridge Learning Campus, Hartcliffe BS13 0RL


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The President and the Data

The Ultimate in Bristol Survey – RESULTS Club President Patrick Ward gives us some background to, and some interesting data from, the recent Ultimate in Bristol survey.   A few months ago we ran a survey to try to find out a little bit more about the ultimate players we have here in Bristol, as […]

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Catching the late bloomers

North Bristol Ultimate is a beginner-focused club managed under the Bristol Ultimate umbrella. For most ultimate players in the UK, university provides their first taste of the sport. And the committed among them can easily get to the point of training and playing 4 or 5 times a week to sharpen their skills. For a […]

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Can we mix it? Yes we can.

‘Can we mix it? Yes we can’ or ‘How we fixed mixed’ By Jake Waller and Fred Ingram Bristol is a fairly big city, but for a while it’s only had enough ultimate players to feed into a couple of competitive teams: Bristol Women and Bristol Open (well, three teams, if you count everyone who […]