Bristol Open

Bristol Open is Bristol Ultimate’s Men’s team.

The 2018 season saw an incredible year for Bristol Open, taking two squads to all three Tour events, Bristol 1 reached a Tour semi-final for the first time and claimed their highest ever finishing position at an individual Tour event of 4th. In a nervy game-to-go situation at Southern Regionals, the squad came through to win their place at Nationals.

In 2019 we are looking to build on last year and develop our players with the aim of moving our teams consistently up the tour rankings in preparation for taking two teams to Regionals and winning a place at Nationals.

To do this we are looking for committed and enthusiastic people no matter what level of experience.

Come and get involved!

Past results


Fog Lane Cup: 10th
UK Tour: 9th (Bristol 1) & 40th (Bristol 2)
Southern Regionals: 7th (qualified for Nationals)
Nationals: 14th


Fog Lane Cup: 11th
UK Tour: 26th (Bristol 1) & 31st (Bristol 2)
Southern Regionals: 11th (Bristol 1) & 14th (Bristol 2)


Mermaid and Moe (Copenhagen): 6th
Fog Lane Cup: 6th
UK Tour: 19th (Bristol 1) & 40th (Bristol 2)
South West Regionals: 2nd (qualified for Nationals)
Nationals: 11th


Siege of Limerick: 7th
Fog Lane Cup: 11th
UK Tour: 16th (Bristol 1) & 52nd (Bristol 2)
South West Regionals: 2nd


Fog Lane Cup: 12th
UK Tour: 26th (Bristol 1) & 48th (Bristol 2)
South West Regionals: 2nd


UK Tour: 28th


UK Tour: 30th


UK Tour: 23rd
South West Regionals: 2nd
UK Nationals: 12th

Following the 2010 season, Bristol Open was created after a “re-branding” of the old “Bristol Plastic Factory”.

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